Johnny’s first kiss Part I

01-11-2011 | AndR3i |

Johnny was 15 and he had just started high school. Junior year, new classmates, new teachers, new adventures. Life was good. One evening he received a phone call from a number he didn’t knew. It was Rachel, a girl who went to elementary school with Johnny and she was inviting him to her birthday party. The invitation took Johnny by surprise a little bit, he was never very close with Rachel, but he thought she’s cool, so he agreed to go. Next day at school he found out that three of his closest friends Tom, Doyle and Martin were also invited so the party sounded pretty good.

This wasn’t a regular birthday party in a sense Johnny was accustomed to, with cake and Monopoly at the birthday person’s house. The party was going to take place at a restaurant near Johnny’s school which made it even more interesting. The only time Johnny was ever at a party taking place in a restaurant was when his parents took him with them at events like New Year’s party, and those were always a blast. But something was a little off, Johnny knew Rachel used to throw Halloween parties at her place back in elementary school and she never invited him, so why the sudden change of heart, especially considering the fact Rachel was now at a different school.

When he arrived at the party on that cold evening of February he understood the reason why he was invited along with his friends. The only other people at the party were girls, about 20 of them and all of them… let’s just say not to easy on the eyes. You know how everybody says it’s not about the looks, it’s a person’s character that matters, well Johnny agreed but these girls were just damn to ugly for him to have the curiosity to find out more about their possibly wonderful character and personality.

But Johnny was having fun, just chilling with his friends, making jokes and trying to ignore the surroundings. At one point, the boys had the idea to have a beer, but Rachel’s parents didn’t agree to that. After a long session of negotiating, the four boys convinced the supervisor at the party to let them have 2 beers, meaning each of them were allowed to drink half a beer. “Good enough” Johnny said to himself.

After drinking a few sips of beer, they started being chattier, more open and even stroke up a conversation with two of the girls. One of them was actually kind of cute, and the other was decent looking. And then disaster struck.

The boys were just eating a few slices of pizza and the girls were dancing. Tom was just about to share some of his worldly wisdom but he had to be loud, because the music was playing. “Here’s the thing guys: before we can hook up with really hot chicks, we need to pay our dues, and (this is the part where the music stopped in-between songs and Tom was basically yelling at this point) hook up with ugly chicks like these” said Tom and just to make sure his message was clearly received, he made a large gesture with his hands pointing towards all the girls at the party.


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