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Athens: A City Fast Forwarded to Modernity

Athens, the Greek capital could be described as the living history of its country. The city with envying number of […]

How to find happiness in your life

The humans have tried to be happy for centuries. There are books, poems, songs about happiness or lack of it. […]

A resting place with a view in Croatia

We first visited Croatia 5 years ago, when we were planning for a summer/autumn vacation (and doing it a little […]

American History X

Racism and hatred NEVER brought anything good. This would easily sum up the entire movie I’d like to recommend for […]

Pregnancy: How to prepare for your pregnancy (II)

Pregnancy: How to prepare for your pregnancy (I) In the above article we had 4 of the ‘items’ on your […]

Top 3 Reasons Why Travellers Fall in Love with Tavira

Having a holiday in Tavira is certainly one thing that you should do if ever you find yourself in Portugal […]

Top Courses in Travel and Tourism for a Bright Career

The travel and tourism industry has become one of the worlds largest and the fastest growing industries. There are a […]

10 Places You Don’t Want to Miss in Tavira

Tavira is an amazing place that every traveler who is spending a holiday in Portugal should visit. It is a […]

Abu Dhabi- An alluring destination of Arab world

Abu Dhabi is the capital and second largest city of the United Arab Emirates is among the most alluring destinations […]

Atlanta: The city at our feet

Back in 2010, when we first visited The United States, our friend’s brother, who lived in Atlanta, decided to give […]

Pregnancy: How to prepare for your pregnancy (I)

Many women discover they are pregnant before being able to really prepare for this step, but there are also couples […]

Organize for University

University is a completely new way of life for most people and it comes as a shock to most people […]

Advice for teenage relationships

Being a teenager and in a relationship is one of the hardest possible things I find. Teenagers expect their first […]

The risk of sex at a young age

Being a teenager and hitting puberty are two of the most difficult periods of our lives. We’ve all been there […]

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