Living Luxuriously Without Spending a Lot of Money

05-04-2017 | Dojo |

There are many ways you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and affording the things you enjoy without breaking the bank.

Comparing prices, getting frugal, and learning to budget are all key ingredients to achieving success in this way, as the following shows:

Setting up a home entertainment center

Not too long ago having a simulated movie theater experience in your home meant you had to spend thousands of dollars.

Today, you can enjoy it for a fraction of that cost. Most HD TVs on the market transmit the color and sound in high resolution with crystal clarity.

With the widescreen format, low-profile and non-invasive casing you get up close and personal where you feel like you are really there. True shades and up close shots that reveal blemishes on the face make you part of the scene.

Combine that with a Blu-Ray player and sound bar and you’re ready to host the next movie night in style.

Having access to your favorite movies, live sporting events and local programs is another seemingly high-end feature which is in fact within reasonable reach of the average household.

When cable service first became available it was only on for a portion of the day and had limited shows and movies.

Nowadays, you can have access to seemingly endless channels from your cable service provider 24/7-365. And unlike earlier days there’s competition in the marketplace beyond the local cable company.

For instance, you now have the option of shopping around and can bundle and save with DIRECTV. This gives you the benefit of more pay channels for less. If you don’t want to save even more money, you can get basic service from your local cable company and then add Netflix or Hulu for a nominal fee each month.

This way you’ll still enjoy a variety of movies and shows without spending a lot to watch them.

Taking a Staycation

Many people now understand the benefits for both the family and the budget and opt for the Staycation.

Forget traveling through a busy airport, packing up luggage and then unloading everything at the hotel; you’re home the whole time.

Instead, prepare an itinerary in advance to make it enjoyable for everyone. Choosing not to travel to an exotic island doesn’t mean that you’re sitting home bored, rather quite the opposite.

With the internet at your fingertips, plan a vacation with a new place to explore each day. For instance, you can make one day an adventure in the park and pack up a picnic basket, dress comfortably, and rent bikes.

Another day you can visit the local museums, spend a day at the beach or lake, visit the zoo, local shops, take in a show, or go bowling. There are hundreds of things you can schedule to make your week at home together rewarding and fun.

The important thing is not to derail and work on your home or clean.

Picking up the dirty laundry each day is fine, but deciding to do extensive cleaning? No sir, that can wait for next week when you return!

Second hand and pre-owned

If you want to enjoy more of your money to do things, then spending less on a car, furniture and even clothing is probably necessary.

These are big expenses that can consume a large portion of your household budget. If you need a new vehicle, why not look into purchasing a pre-owned one? If you go through a dealership most of these cars, trucks and SUVs are fresh off a 2-year lease.

They also come with similar benefit packages to a new vehicle, have low mileage and are generally in great condition.

The most important thing is that they cost considerably less.

This means you won’t have to take on a high monthly payment, leaving you with more in your pocket for other things. The same goes for furniture, clothing and household goods. Local consignment shops have things donated from estates and families that no longer need these items and you can pick them up for short money.

There are so many ways to spend less and enjoy more of your money. Not long ago people lived using simply cash. They didn’t have credit cards and high amounts of debt. Yet they still managed to have a good time.

By learning to shop smart you’ll enjoy all the things you need while also having the extra money to purchase and do a few on the things you really enjoy.

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