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04-11-2011 | Adiana |

Disclaimer: this article is addressed only to ladies. No men allowed. I repeat: no men allowed.

That being said, ladies, let me introduce you to the.. menstrual cup. I know most women are so disgusted talking about menstruation or turn their head as if it didn’t happen to them. Truth is, it does. Every month. No matter we like it or not. And instead of tapping the sun with one finger, we should openly discuss about it and find the best solution for each one of us.

Why a menstrual cup instead of pads and tampons?

First of all because menstrual cups are a healthy alternative to tampons which are conducive to dampness, outbreaks of vaginal candidiadis, cystitis or toxic shock syndrome. Because it also helps you save money, it’s re-usable and it’s environmentally friendly. You can wear it during sport, swimming, you can sleep with it without problem, no leaks, no discomfort. If your flow is low, you can empty it once or two times a day. Terrific, right? Actually, I empty it just twice a day.

There are many options out there: Mooncup, Iriscup, Lunette, Divacup, Lady Cup etc. All shapes and colors. Ready to be picked up and used. Don’t worry about size, it’s made of silicone (medical grade) and malleable, easy to introduce (there are two ways to do that, choose the one which suits you best). Some of them even provide measuring lines on the cup so you can have a better tracking of your flow I use mine for about 6 months already and I will never switch back to regular tampons. I don’t have why. No more health concerns about being dangerous (tampons) and no more discomfort (pads who are bleached and don’t offer that much liberty).

My story with the menstrual cup began when I worked in a natural cosmetics online store. We had recently introduced menstrual cup in our portfolio and women were starting to buy it and after a while return with positive feedback (more like raving). I couldn’t resist temptation so under pressure on a pay day I gave up and bought one although I wasn’t sure about it.

So I came home one day and discovered my period came earlier. Damn, it always appears when it shouldn’t. At least this time I was happy we met again ‘cause I had the opportunity to test my new toy. First instruction: boil the cup for about 2-3 minutes. “Say what?? I can’t even cook eggs, how am I going to boil the cup? It’s not like I am going to eat it..”

Curiosity killed the cat so I went further and prepared the tools: pot, water, stove. When water began to boil, i threw the cup in there, added salt and pepper (just kidding, don’t do that) and let it swim around for a few minutes. When time was up, I got it out and let it sit on a towel to cool and dry. Next step, I went to the bathroom, read again the instructions, crossed my fingers, said a prayer, washed my hands, washed my hands again just to be sure, followed the instructions and .. done! “What? That fast? I must be doing something wrong. It can’t be that simple. I had read a lot of forums and reviews saying it hurts, it bleeds, it’s too big etc. “

Now seriously, it was piece of cake. Looking back at how many discussions I’ve read it seems ridiculous. Way too much drama for something simple. I don’t own a Lunette cup, but their website is the best source of information you can find about menstrual cups. They even have some realistic graphics about our body anatomy. Brilliant! It really makes you understand better this alternative. I would have bought their cup if I didn’t find them after buying mine.

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  • http://Lala

    November 6, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    I can honestly say that i have never heard of a menstrual cup. But your article made me curious. I doubt i can find it in Romania though.

    Well, time to start google-ing 😀

  • http://Adiana

    November 6, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    you can actually.. try, they sell iriscup and mooncup. i have an iriscup and i like it better than the mooncup as it’s more malleable and flexible.

  • http://Lala

    November 6, 2011 at 5:44 pm

    yeah, i found some information, but, honestly, i don’t find the cup very appealing. Call me old-fashioned, but i don’t think i’m gonna try 🙂

    Interesting article though. It’s always fun to learn new stuff.

  • http://Adiana

    November 6, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    yeah, well i like trying all kind of stuff so i can write about `em 😀 thanks

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