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03-11-2013 | Dojo |

Hello to you all on this lovely Sunday morning (lovely just so that I’m not rude, it looks like November really shows us its face today. After almost 3 weeks of May like temperatures and sunshine, the skies are gloomy and the air is a little too crisp for my liking. Oh, well, it’s winter that’s coming, not summer).

This week in the personal finance blogosphere has been great, there are many articles that really inspired me and I’m sure you’d love to enjoy them, too (if you haven’t already). Here is my list of 5 articles that are really worth taking into account:

  • 3 Personal Finance Challenges to set Yourself this Month – many of us fall victim to our habits. When it comes to debt, it’s clear we don’t have the best habits in the world, but, in order to change something for the better, we need to learn new ones. You’ll find in this article just 3 ‘small’ things you should try doing this month (or keep on doing, if you’re already one step ahead) to get a better financial footing from now on. I always love a challenge, I’m sure you’ll like it, too.
  • My Money Weaknesses – What Are Yours? – ideally, we’d be some sort of robots, who are being programmed to do certain things and never have feelings or making mistakes. But we know it doesn’t work like this. No matter how much we do try to save money and be responsible (2 qualities that will help us become financially independent), we’re still humans and have our own weaknesses. A lovely article about the ‘human side’ of managing our finances.
  • How To Survive Office Politics – might not be exactly about personal finances, but it’s a great article about how we can keep our sanity while still having to work with others. I did have pretty nice colleagues at the radio station, but we’d still but heads and there would be the occasional ‘nasty’ that would make me want to take his/her head off. So, read, learn and apply, so that you don’t start developing an ulcer or kick someone where they deserved it.
  • Preparing for the “Just in Case” – might seem a little morbid, but death does happen. An article that reminds us that we’re not immortals, so we do need to prepare .. just in case.
  • 3 Strategies for Paying Off Your Credit Card Debt Faster – credit card debt is a huge issue for many households. These few tricks can help you speed up the payments and get into a better financial position.

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