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17-11-2013 | Dojo |

It’s Sunday, another week has passed. In the personal finance blogosphere we have at least few articles that are clearly worth sharing. Please enjoy 🙂

  •  The Biggest Lie I’ve Ever Told Myself – this is not an ‘how to’ article, you won’t find any tricks to reduce debt or save money. It’s a more personal approach on money problems and a very sincere account of what mistakes one can make. I really enjoyed it and hope you’ll give it a read, too.
  • Debt Confessions: K’s Story – I love such articles, because they really provide a very ‘practical’ insight in what regular people are going through. Since most of us have been in this situation (or are still), it’s always inspiring to read about what others are doing to pay off their debt and secure their financial future.
  • How Much Money Do You Need To Feel Wealthy? – again, a more personal approach to personal finance. Most people dream of being wealthy, but probably not all have asked themselves “OK, how much money do I need for this?”.
  • The Low Monthly Payment Trap – a really good story about how being tricked into thinking ‘this loan is good, the monthly payments are so small’ can actually make you lose A LOT of money, since you’ll pay way more at the end.
  • Food Stamp Reform: Unethical or Overdue? – another article that makes us think about a social problem most countries face. Enjoy the article and share your views.

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