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01-12-2013 | Dojo |

Phew, the madness is over.

While we don’t live in the US and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (hope you had a great time with your families), we did have the dreaded Black Friday. Since it wasn’t enough to just ‘import’ the even from the US, many Romanian stores organized it on the 22th and then, seeing it was successful, again on the regular date.

For more than a week it was madness, as if we moved thousands of miles to the left, smack bang on the East Coast at least.

We both decided to ignore the event and save some money these days, especially since we couldn’t find any real need for us to buy discounted stuff. Anyway, we’ve been bombarded with countless articles and links, both on blogs and our Facebook accounts, to really annoy us to no end. Anyway .. happy it’s all over now and we can resume our normal lives.

In the personal finance blogosphere things were a tad quiet these days, with many bloggers enjoying quality time with their loved ones, but we can still find at least few articles you shouldn’t miss:

  • 5 Things you can do differently to Save Money – I’m all for finding ways to save some bucks and still enjoy life. While many thing that frugality takes away happiness, smart money moves can still leave you happy and with a fatter wallet. Here are 5 nice ways to achieve this.
  • How to Create a Positive Relationship With Your Money – many people have a ‘wrong’ relationship with their money. Some are always ignoring the topic, thinking it’s rude or useless to think/talk about money. Here are few ideas to start having a healthier look on your finances.
  • How To Break Bad Financial Habits and Live Your Ideal Life – breaking habits is not easy and financial ones are clearly tough to get rid of. A very nice outline of hot to realize your mistakes and start making serious changes.
  • Financial Mistakes I’m Thankful I Made – a really nice article about the ‘advantage’ of making our financial blunders when we were younger. I think many of us went through this at 20 something and it was better than doing the mistakes when older with a family to support.
  • 5 Steps to Permanently Get Out of Debt – paying off debt is not that difficult if you have a plan. Here are 5 steps to make it really work for you.

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