Morning Glory (2010)

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Becky Fuller is a hard- working TV producer and this land her into a job at “Daybreak”. She decides to make the full out of it by chalking out plans to revitalize it by roping in famous TV anchor Mike Pomeroy. However, her plans do not materialize as Promeroy refuses to cover many morning shows staples as celebrity gossip, arts, crafts and fashion and in short those that would improve the TRPs.

Morning Glory showcases the off and on the screen clashes between the two. It opens to yet another angle who covers the personal life of Becky. This relates to her lover affair with fellow producer Adam Bennet. Becky is confronted with all challenges at the same time struggling to save her relationship, the reputation, the job and finally the very show which landed her into the job.

The movie is not just a comic flick. It brings out the emotional tale of a woman who wants to make it to the grade of a successful television producer in the fiercely competitive field of television field and walks the extra mile to realize by roping in everybody who matters in the field. McAdams in the process gives a sparkling performance, and in fact it is the cementing factor that is seen across all the characters, including the one played by Harrison Ford that pulls an ordinary theme into an extra-ordinary one.

Every single moment of frustration is brought out by McAdams as Becky and when a pretty face shows the frustrations it is all the more pretty to watch. Of course, Harrison ford absorbs within himself the true character of Promeroy.

He shines when expressing conceit or any other similar emotion. The movie is commendable from many points. Its comedy is pure and genuine. McAdam as Becky portrays all feminine charms but at the same time is differentiated as an intelligent worker. She brings in the high energy the character requires but without sacrificing the charm vested in a woman. To be short and precise she could be described as both appealing and arresting.

Ford is the personification of splendid but he has to work harder to counter an equally impressive performance seen in Diane Keaton as a co-anchor exhibiting traits of combativeness and cynicism. She has squalled McAdam in the exuberating of charm and energy.

Besides other characters jelling well with the scenes, the sets, the sound and the technical areas as a whole was exemplary. Those scenes that depict behind the scene happenings in a television studio are worthy of mentioning for that brings out the reality from the fantasy.

In conclusion, Morning Glory comes across as a nice movie made with a nice tale that would leave you with lasting memories. Viewers would never regret the dollars spent on it.

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