Murder in the dorm room

24-10-2011 | AndR3i |

Room 218, 7 AM. It’s a dorm room like any other one in the “Green Dorm house”. The red stains on the floor and the empty wine bottles on the floor suggest a long hard night of partying. The same is suggested by the ashtray on the table and the jar full of cigarette butts on the floor. On one of the laptops in the room, music is still playing.

It looks like business as usual in room 218, but something is off in this scenery. The 9mm Desert Eagle gun laying casually on the floor. George is looking shocked at Steven and then at Mike’s body on the floor. How the hell could this happen? The three of them were inseparable friends since day 1 when they arrived at the dorm. But all this has changed last night when something happened and threw their friendship off-balance.

The night before…

“Kids, Santa’s here! Have you been nice or naughty?”said Steven as he enters the room carrying a rather large bag.

“What do you have there Santa?” asked Mike already knowing the answer.

“10 bottles of grapes finest boys, tonight we are going to hold a wine tasting”

And so the tasting begins. The boys had a ritual; they always mixed alcohol with video games. It seemed to be more fun that way for them. As the night proceeded and the boys started getting drunker and drunker, their skills at their favorite video games seemed to go down the drain as well as their judgment.

At some point Steven starts to search for something in his closet. After a few minutes of digging, he takes his head of out his closet looking pretty upset.”Which one of you sorry asses ate my chocolate?” George and Mike look at each other and try to hold back a laugh. “What are you talking about? What chocolate?” “The homemade chocolate my mother sent me yesterday. I hid it in the closet because I knew if I’d leave it in plain sight you hungry hippos would eat it.”

“Maybe you ate it in your sleep, or the rats got to it” answered Mike laughing.

Normally, Steven would find this remark funny too, but this time he wasn’t even smiling. He pulled out the Desert Eagle from his closet and pointed it at Mike’s head.

“What are you doing? Are you crazy?” said Mike obviously shocked by the latest turn in events.

“I’m not crazy; on the contrary I am very lucid. I am going to shoot you like I should’ve done weeks ago when I first found out that you were cheating me on the drug money cuts.”

Steven was basically a good kid. Raised by a middle class family, he was pretty bright although this wasn’t reflected in his school grades. When he went to collage he discovered a whole other world, where parties took place every day of the week not only on weekends. But partying wasn’t exactly cheap so he needed a way to get some extra cash and this is where Mike came in handy.

He was involved in all kinds of shady businesses including dealing light drugs. They hid the drugs in their dorm room. Not very risky, and the extra money was pretty good. Mike was the one who purchased the goods, and he handled the money. That until a week ago when Steve answered Mike’s phone while he was showering. That’s when he found out he was getting less money from the deal than Mike.

“Wait Steve, let’s talk it out. We’re civilized men not animals. We will figure this thing out, there’s no need for violence”

“I am very civilized and I thought you were too, but it seems I was wrong” said Steven and pushed the trigger.”You should’ve stayed away from my chocolate…”

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