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09-08-2012 | Adry |

All of us get all sorts of aches all the time: headaches, toothaches, backaches… you name it. They are never pleasant and almost always come at the wrong time: when you wake up to go to work, during a romantic date, before you want to go to sleep etc.

In case something starts to hurt we are used to take some pill. There’s a pill for everything these days but it would be best if we could avoid them.
Pills are effective but if we take to many we might get to used to them and in order to get rid of the pain, an increase of dosage is needed. They can also lead to addiction, I guess every one knows that already but still there are many people who get addicted to all sorts of pills.

This is why I prefer natural remedies for pain. Well, first of all, they are natural. There’s no harm done by natural remedies. Second, in most of the cases they work even better than medicine.

Let’s see some of the natural remedies I found useful over the years:


If you get a headache, one of the solutions that “makes it better” is sex. Well, assuming you have a partner and a room.
Another remedy would be applying slices of raw potato on your forehead. The potato absorbs some of the pain, I don’t know how but it does (tried this a few days ago and felt better).
A third way to get rid of headaches is massage the forehead and temples with mint oil or lavander oil. Mint essential oil is great that way, and lavander oil has calming effects.


One of the remedies for toothaches is chewing a clove. It works but only for a few hours, then you should see a dentist.
Garlic is also a good remedy for toothaches. Peel a clove of garlic, wrap it in a piece of wool and put it on tehe tooth. The juices from the garlic act more or less like anesthesia.
Of course, these are only remedies for pain to go away. You should see a dentist anyway.


Mint tea is known for it’s properties to reduce stomach pain. Chamomile tea is also OK. All in all, tea is not only for the winter season.

Sore throat

If you have a sore throat, honey and lemns are a good natural remedy. Squeeze the lemon, mix with soem honey and drink. You can add boiled water if you want, if the juice is to sour.

Menstrual pain

This is for ladies only 😉
Menstrual pain can go away if you drink some cinnamon tea, basil or thyme tea, or yarrow tea.
If you can take the heat, you can boil some water and put it in glass bottles (if you use plastic they could melt). Apply the bottle on your tummy and relax.

These are all natural remedies that I sometimes use myself. I believe that medicine is OK as long as you are on the run and don’t have time to sit and massage your head or prepare a tea. Or when you are at work or in school and can’t really chew on a garlic. When I’m at home though, I try to use these natural means of making pain go away. In the end I also care about my health and if I can avoid pills I’m happy to do so.

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