Obesity is NO joke. Time to take action!

26-12-2011 | Dojo |

When I was a kid we had 2 overweight classmates from a 40 children group. Parents claimed endocrine problems. Weird enough one of them lost the extra pounds when in high-school, only the girl is still seriously over a normal limit. In her case growing up didn’t help with this as much as it did with the boy.

From all my classmates all these years some put on weight, while others remained similar to what they were before. A lot of people I know have gained 5-30 kilos over the years. Some have a “prosperity belly” (they actually make jokes about how much they’ve already spent on their “tank”), others have increased their numbers even more.

Few have passed their 40’s without any weight issues. ALL OF THEM have stopped working out (horribly stressful jobs, with almost no time for themselves), started eating too much and made bad choices in this area too. It’s normal for them to eat A LOT and also go buy ‘junk food’ whenever they are too tired or bored to cook something on their own. Tell them to eat more fruits and they’ll laugh. Soda consumption skyrocketed too, all these causing a lot of problems.

What scares me even more is the kids: I look now at some of them and I am shocked. So how many of them are sometimes heavier than an adult. THIS IS NOT A JOKE ANYMORE. While an adult can destroy his/her life, it’s not right to get these kids on the wrong foot in life. Children with diabetes are nothing to be proud of. Children who have tens of pounds more than it’s normal for their age will not grow into healthy adults.

And still, while we see how much damage our lifestyle is causing, we still ignore the problem. Our kids are sick, WE MADE THEM SICK, and still we laugh about this. Year after year the statistics become more alarming, year after year our health declines more and the morbidly obese people stop shocking us anymore: they are no longer an exception.

Losing weight is not easy. If it was, nobody would have this problem. But it’s not impossible either. It requires a lot of will power and support, smart dieting and a huge change in your lifestyle. We cannot do this for you, it’s a journey YOU have to embark on. What we can do here, at Weight Loss Team, is to support you. Hear you out, when you struggle, give you ideas and advice and be happy for each and every pound you lose.

Give your life a new sense. Give yourself a chance to be happy and healthy. Give your children the support and knowledge they need to never become yet another statistic.

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