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25-02-2013 | Dojo |

Monetizing your blog is both easy and hard. It’s easy, since there are a lot of ways one can earn some revenue off their blogs and hard, since there are so many options to choose from that you never know which provides better results. Of course, the best solution is to test all kinds of possible ways to monetize (from banners and paid posts to affiliate marketing) and then track the results. Some bloggers have a good result with Adsense, others earn money from affiliate marketing, while others make a decent buck by promoting services/products and getting paid for their articles.

Paid Blog Reviews are getting more popular each day and, by being honest with your review and trying to still offer your readers something useful and interesting, you can also earn some revenue to later invest in the blog or something more personal.

BlogAdTeam was created in the beginning of 2013 as a marketplace for bloggers and advertisers to meet and do business. Registration is free and easy, you can choose to be either an advertiser (if you want to promote something) or a blogger (if you are the one who will write the paid reviews.

After the registration, a blogger will add his/her blogs into the system. Make sure you provide accurate details, so that you can attract as many clients as possible. In order to appear in the marketplace and be able to get direct clients you’ll have to add 2 codes in the site (one in the head section of the site, to appear in the marketplace) and one as a badge somewhere in your sidebar. Be careful to have the codes show properly, you can get clients even from your blog, as they click the badge and try to hire you to post their review.

As an advertisers, all you need to do is register and then either browse through the blogger directory and see which blogs you’d like to promote your product/service or directly create an ‘opportunity’ (a paid post proposal) and have the bloggers take the job. Or you can do both. It’s that easy. You’ll get them to view your opportunity and can also hire the ones that really catch your attention.

All the deals/posts/blogs are closely monitored and you can get support anytime you want.

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