How to Pay for Wedding Expenses

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One of the most expensive days of your life is the day that you exchange vows with your spouse. As much as you look forward to your big day, you may worry about how you’ll pay for those costs. Something as simple as a wedding cake can cost hundreds of dollars, and you’ll also need to pay for a venue, clothing and both food and drinks.

While some skip the formal ceremony in favor of something in front of a government official, you can also check out some ways to pay for your wedding expenses and save on the ceremony and reception to host the event of your dreams.

Go the DIY Route

Going the do it yourself route is just one way you can cut down on wedding expenses and still have everything you want. You can make and print off your invitations at home, create the decorations that you use in the church and reception venue and even make your own boutonnieres and bouquets.

Ask your bridesmaids and anyone else involved in the wedding to help in lieu of giving you gifts.

Host a Potluck

The food that you serve during the reception is one of the biggest costs associated with a wedding. Even serving basic food in a buffet setting can cost more than you expected per person.

The more people you invite to your wedding, the more you’ll need to pay for food. Hosting a potluck is an alternative way to celebrate your big day.

You can make one main dish and ask guests to bring a side dish to share. Some couples pay caterers or chefs to prepare something like a roast pig and serve dessert but ask guests to bring the other food for the reception.

Take a Second Job

Even if you work 40 hours every week, you can still find a second job to pay for some of your wedding expenses. Many people work as pizza delivery drivers or servers because they get a flat rate for the hours they work plus tips from customers.

You can put that tip money in a jar in your home and only use it for wedding expenses. If you receive an hourly salary at work, you can also talk to your employer about signing up for overtime and putting that money back.

Become an Online Seller

Becoming an online seller is another idea that might work for you. You can scour thrift stores and yard sales for collectibles and other valuable items that you sell through classified ads and auctions. Those who are more handy can create their own items that they sell online too.

When creating wedding decorations, why not buy some extra supplies and make others that you sell to brides? You may want to go through your home and your partner’s home to find things you won’t need after you marry. Selling those items online puts money in your pocket and will cut down on clutter in your future home.

Get a Personal Loan

Many wedding companies require that you put down a deposit. A caterer will ask for one before working on your menu, but you’ll also need to pay deposits on your flowers and the reception venue. When you need to come up with money quickly, consider taking out a personal loan. Lenders look at whether you are a worthy candidate with an examination of your current level of debt, employment history and income. You can use to learn more about personal loans and what you need to do to apply for one.

Host a Crowdfunding Campaign

Thanks to crowdfunding sites, you can now ask your loved ones to help you plan and host your dream wedding. These sites let you set a goal, which is the total amount of money you want to raise. You can include photos of the things you’ll use the money for and images of you and your future spouse. Crowdfunding sites even let you give guests gifts and other items for their donations like the chance to give a speech at the ceremony or seating near the front of the venue. These tips will help you both save on wedding expenses and cover those expenses.

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