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13-11-2011 | Michelle |

The No Asshole Rule, is a marvelous book by Robert I. Sutton. This is a book about a big idea. Human behavior or psychology isn’t an easy thing to explain specially when one is at work place. The title gives a bit odd expression about the text but subject matter is very interesting and informative .I appreciate Robert I. Sutton pen such an absurd issue and to clarify all the consequences and outcomes of the behavioral ugliness among human beings.

In my opinion, the title of the book , reveals the Suttons theme to bring forth the hidden overheads of jerk at work and if he was living with the same thinking, this title seems most appropriate one for this book. Actually, he wasn’t writing about wrenches or harassment but he was basically writing about blazing or insulting term of address for people and what are the consequences of these bad words at the end of people and businesses.

The book ‘The No Asshole Rule’ is tremendously well written and compelling keeps the readers engaged in the behavioral psychology of human beings. Dr. Sutton brings fair examples from the business world to demonstrate his opinion in an unforgettable manner and he wrote down his research to exemplify that how destructive or negative effects these jerks at work can be. He also writes about various approaches and techniques for keeping yourself away from jerks and to protects your environment.

Scutton also brought a test in the book that can to figure out if you are an A-hole – one of the questions you will unavoidably found making noise in your mind after reading this book. The book is an easy, pleasurable read, but in few pages, it seems that human behaviors and words are going to be brutal. Sutton defines the term asshole and every reader can feel that Sutton’s definition is practical and helpful because it differentiates between people who are satirical or rebellious in their behavior, and those who always tried to make other felt as if they are less-than.

This is a wonderful book and after a complete reading of this book The No Asshole Rule, I get knowledge and a better idea about the fact that what kind of people I should shortlisted to sustain contacts, and what sort of behavior I dislike and I should try to eliminate in myself.

In his conversation about organizing an asshole-free place of work, Sutton illustrates the requirement to educate people the rules of fighting. The second condemnation of the conclusion, argumentative, and disagreeing stop being creative just after taking a decision.

Sutton also brings suggestions about how to treat with assholes, if you dint have potential to break away from them. Two suggestions seem best and applicable, not bending forward to their level. And the best option is my mother’s advice, kill them by your kindness. Kindness could be prove a best weapon to bring happiness and smile to others faces

In general, “The No Asshole Rule” forced me to think about how we can change our behavior while living in a social circle and what kind of surroundings I am willing to be working in. I am the person who can start to bring the appropriate environment not only for me but also for others. If anyone will think to change the environment, we can change it. What sort of people we like to work with. We should try to be the example for that sort of people to make better and improved social values. These values are our recognition in society.

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