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Why We Treasure Jewellery

High quality jewellery is prized for the same reason that it is desired – it is beautiful, valuable, and rare. Precious metals are wrought into intricate rings, earrings, and bracelets and inlaid with nature’s least frequently found stones. The intrinsic, material value of jewellery will rise as the prices of precious metals do.

Jewellery is a beautiful ornament, but it is also an investment. There is the immeasurable sentimental value we attach to jewellery which has been passed down to us, or given to mark a special occasion or anniversary.

A solitaire ring may just be a piece of vintage jewellery to one person, but to its owner, it is an irreplaceable family heirloom.

Where Thieves Look First For Jewellery

The most common place to find jewellery at home is a jewellery box or a display mount on a dressing table. It makes naive sense.

The place you are highly likely to remove and put on your jewellery is in the bedroom, by a mirror. This allows you to complement different outfits with particular gems and try out new combinations.

Unfortunately, this is the first place burglars look for your gems.

Your precious collection arrayed on your night stand might as well be on a silver salver served up to the night intruders.

Safeguarding Your Jewellery At Home

Modern homes are fitted with sophisticated locks and home security systems.

These deter the opportunistic thief.  However, professional thieves have specialized equipment to break these locks and disable or bypass alarm systems; it’s their job and they are sickeningly good at it.

Relying solely on doors, gates, and burglar alarm systems is unwise, and unfortunate victims can discover that insurance companies are generally unsympathetic when valuable jewellery is stolen.

Securing Jewellery In A Home Safe

You could keep your jewellery collection at home in a safe.  This requires forethought. You will need the exact dimensions of the safe you intend to get to prepare the place at home where you intend to have it fixed and concealed.  When you buy your safe, do so with cash, and make sure the purchase cannot be traced to you. Don’t cut corners and buy a second hand safe, its security can’t be guaranteed like that of a new one.

Transport your safe home yourself, don’t let others deliver it. Finally, be cautious installing your safe, don’t let neighbors or passers-by get the idea you are securing a safe for valuables in your home. If word gets out you have a safe, then your residence will become subject to unwelcome speculative scrutiny.

Let Experts Ensure The Security of Your Jewellery Collection

For peace of mind and absolute security, you can store your valuable jewels in a safe deposit box. Safe deposit boxes are lockable strongboxes stored in specialised vaults lined with steel and protected at all times by ultra-modern systems and highly trained security experts.

A safety deposit box at Australasian Vaulting Industries is accessed by a dual key system.

This provides a degree of security far exceeding PIN operated locks. You can place your jewellery collection in your safe deposit box and rest easy that its security is guaranteed. With longer opening hours than banks, you can remove an item to wear for a special anniversary or family occasion, then replace it with the minimum of fuss.

Choose the best method of storing your jewellery and keep it safe and secure.

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