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The true millionaires don’t live like true millionaires

I started working when I was almost 20, so it’s more than a decade since then (14 years exactly). I […]

How to better organize your money

Some time a go a friend of mine told me this joke, which is actually true: Q: How do you […]

Valentine’s surprises with little money

Well, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. Despite the origins of the holiday, almost everyone everywhere celebrates it. Happy couples, old […]

4 Habits that will ALWAYS leave you broke

Money is hard to manage for many of us. This is why we still have people who are feeling the […]

Cash From Cars

Driving has nearly become a luxury due to the rising, sky high gas prices, but it has, and always will […]

Money doesn’t bring happiness .. or does it?

Whoever it was that coined the phrase “money can’t buy happiness” either lived looking through rose-colored glasses or didn’t live […]

How a housewife can save money

We are all too familiar with the saying, ‘A penny saved is a penny earned!’. Hence, saving is a way […]

Save Money Save Your Future

In today’s consumerist economy, most people come to spend more than their income. Savings are often an ignored concept. If […]

Resourceful Living In A Disposable Age

I’m not a “live green” fanatic, but I am resourceful. I’m probably more resourceful than I realize, partly in thanks […]

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