Skyline (2010)

21-10-2011 | Shawn |

A group of friends after a late night party get wakened up by a sudden appearance of light beaming through their windows. Not only they but the entire population of Los Angeles realizes that it is not an ordinary light but extraterrestrial occurrence that threatens to swallow the entire populace of the earth. The survivors have no option except to fight for their lives and the rest of the movie is woven around this plot.

The story gets started with Jarrod and Elaines visiting the high-rise apartment to meet with their friends Terry and when they retire after a wild party, they are rudely woken up by the massive blue lights menacingly descending on them. They realize to their horror that it is an alien invasion which is fond of eating human brains and gloom descends on them.

There is not much beyond this to the story for there is nothing for the audience to guess about the result except their getting bored. Most of the actors play lifeless roles delivering meaningless dialogues that in no way aligns with the development of the characters.

The movie lacks in many other things and if at all there is anything that can be kindly said about it are its genuine attempts to keep some flavor in the special effects. However, even there, it has nothing original for it reminds the viewers of District 9. It does not have the strength to stand on its own legs or for being favorably compared to any past or peers. May be to prevent the damage from the critics, there was very little publicity, and it had even rationed the promo screening with just one previous to the night of its release.

Blame it on its moderate budget that restrains the scenes to the apartment building and not far from it, poor visual effects, Skyline comes across as a time waster. It is a repetition, a boring repetition, where some are attacked few die and again followed by attack and in between the attacks everyone squabbles.

Ultimately, it is a mockery by the name of a scientific thriller. The only saving grace is that Donald Faison as Terry, Eric Balfour as Jarrod put up some decent action.

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