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12-12-2011 | Adry |

First of all, I think everyone agrees with the fact that sports are good. From chess to extreme sports, all of them have a positive impact on us (even extreme sports if they are not taken to some crazy-stupid level).

I was a fat kid. I think every one who had to live through something like this knows how “fun” it is. My parents always told me not to worry as I was just big boned, but they were the only ones saying that. Everyone else in school or around the block made fun of me and but I wasn’t raised to complain about it. It didn’t take me long to put an end to it.

Being kind of boyish (I think my dad wanted a boy… ) I grew up with an intense sports program. Intense for me… I was just a kid. I remember the weekends like it was yesterday: my dad used to come get me from my room and we would prepare our “gym”. We had 2 dark blue sheets we used to put on the floor, our own dumbells (mine had little weight) and a strict program written on a piece of paper. We would begin with some easy stretch exercises before moving on to the serious bodybuilding ones.

None of us seemed to lose weight though. I was forbiden to be on a diet (I was just a kid) and my dad would lose weight and put it back on, lose it again, put it back on. I kept on exercising with my dad anyway because he made it fun. I think this is how I began to like sports.

Growing up other problems came on to my mind. Making my friends stop with the jokes with a kick an a punch wasn’t enough. Boys had to like me. I started to care whether I turned heads or not and being chubby didn’t help so I decided to take the next step.

My dream since I was a little girl was to become a ninja. Yes, this was something I always admired: ninjas who climb walls and make themselves invisible. Now I know I will never be one but back then I thought about starting with the first step and joining martial arts.

The female side of the family nearly cried, my dad though was very proud. Convincing my mom wasn’t a piece of cake but luckily she was the one who introduced me to my former sihing (that’s a kung fu wing tsun instructor).

I practiced martial arts for a short period of time, during highschool. It was the best choice I made regarding sports. I tried others but nothing compares to kung fu. For me, at least.

I keep saying that I’ll start practicing it again but right now I don’t have the time to go to the gym regularly, so I jogg instead. Not often, but some exercise is always welcomed. I’m not fat anymore for quite some years and I also feel better when I exercise.

Sports are always a good way to spend your free time. I am lucky enough to know what my favorite sport is but that doesn’t mean for those who don’t it’s to late to find out. I tried many: ballet, bodybuilding, kung fu, yoga, karate, jogging, swimming, aerobics, tae bo, basketball and even hiking.

It can even be lots of fun searching for one, not to mention any sports are a healthy activity at any age.

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