How to Streamline Your eBay Business

08-06-2017 | Dojo |

ebay-businessWith around 169 million active users on eBay, it’s easy to see why the platform attracts a wide range of sellers, including private individuals and businesses, both small and large.

For SMEs who have decided to use eBay as a platform to sell their products, we have a few tips to help you streamline your eBay operations and save valuable time when selling your items on this platform.

Use Clear Descriptions

Make sure your descriptions are as clear as possible when listing your items on eBay. This can help to reduce the number of customers who have questions or want to return the item once they’ve won the bid and received it.

Clearly specify the condition of the item, its size, measurements or dimensions and how they can pay, including a handful of high-quality photographs. The more the customer knows, the better.

Improve Your Customer Service

Make sure your customers can contact you easily if they have any questions about your products. Potential buyers can get in contact with you using eBay’s direct messaging system, so make sure you check it regularly.

If you’re an established small business who uses eBay as an additional platform to sell your products, we’d recommend putting a customer service line in place or creating business social media accounts so that you can be reached easily and respond quickly.

Organize Your Items

If you have plenty of items for sale that you keep in stock, make sure you keep them organised so they’re ready to package and dispatch as soon as the sale is made.

You may want to create an inventory to help you keep a track of what you have in stock and so you’re aware of what needs to be reordered when popular items are running low. Doing this will help prevent last minute panics about dwindling stock, or having to advise customers that you’ve sold out so there will be a delay.

Use Professionals to Help Deliver

Make sure you state clearly when you intend to send your packages out. It can be inconvenient to head to the post office every time you’ve made a sale, especially if you have an extensive range of products, so you should consider using a professional eBay courier service, like the one offered by My Parcel Delivery.

Your parcel will be collected from your home or work address, you can book all your deliveries quickly and even track their progress, saving you valuable time.

Follow our tips to help you streamline your small eBay business. By putting these four strategies in place. you can save valuable time when selling your products on eBay – as they say, time is money!

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