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The 3 Biggest Personal Finance Mistakes We Made in 2016

Like any other personal finance enthusiast, both of us (I and husband) spent few minutes to put together all our […]

Budgeting: How 2013 was for us, financially speaking

So, it’s that time of the year, when we take some time to study our expenses tracking software / apps […]

The pros and cons of eating out

From a health standpoint and also looking at the budget, eating out can pose some issues, as well as solving […]

Household budget: First ‘budgeted’ month just ended

I’ve started to really practice what I preach (tracking my expenses) since Jan. this year. Even if it’s not too […]

How our frugal ‘non-wedding’ turned into one of the best events in our lives

Husband and I have been together since 2002. We moved together few years ago and also traveled the world together, […]

How to Save Money: Start Your Christmas Shopping in Time

For us Christmas is usually ‘just another day’. We’re not children anymore and in the past years we lost all […]

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