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15 ideas for a sustainable weight loss

Leaving all the political correctness aside, we’re getting fatter each day. If you look back into your past you’ll recall […]

Lose weight by eating healthy

There are so many ways we can lose weight, I can’t even count them any more. Hundreds of diets, exercising, surgery […]

Schedule your weight loss

Losing weight means dieting and exercising but everything at it’s own pace. Weight loss is a problem that needs to […]

Lose weight by jogging

A good diet and regular exercise are the ways to go to lose weight. It’s actualy best to combine the […]

Weight loss tips

Weight loss these days is quite a bit of a problem. Although everyone already said that and everyone knows it, […]

How i began to lose weight

Since there are many obese people walking around and I think we passed the making fun of them phase (since […]

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