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Saving money: does being frugal have to take off any joy in our lives?

Whenever I talk/write about the need of having an emergency fund and trying to save money as much as you […]

Emergency fund: why is it important and how to grow it faster

‘No need to save money for emergencies, we’ll always spend it‘. Sounds familiar? Does it seem like, anytime you were […]

Which of the simple money saving ideas can actually work for you?

You must have heard about various types of money saving options and ways and must have tried out lots too. […]

How to recover financially after the holidays

No matter how many articles we read about saving money and how much we hate it when we spend money […]

The true millionaires don’t live like true millionaires

I started working when I was almost 20, so it’s more than a decade since then (14 years exactly). I […]

Save money

4 Habits that will ALWAYS leave you broke

Money is hard to manage for many of us. This is why we still have people who are feeling the […]

Money doesn’t bring happiness .. or does it?

Whoever it was that coined the phrase “money can’t buy happiness” either lived looking through rose-colored glasses or didn’t live […]

Save money home

How a housewife can save money

We are all too familiar with the saying, ‘A penny saved is a penny earned!’. Hence, saving is a way […]

Save Money Save Your Future

In today’s consumerist economy, most people come to spend more than their income. Savings are often an ignored concept. If […]

Resourceful Living In A Disposable Age

I’m not a “live green” fanatic, but I am resourceful. I’m probably more resourceful than I realize, partly in thanks […]

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