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The pros and cons of eating out

From a health standpoint and also looking at the budget, eating out can pose some issues, as well as solving […]

15 ideas for a sustainable weight loss

Leaving all the political correctness aside, we’re getting fatter each day. If you look back into your past you’ll recall […]

Help your weight loss by drinking THE RIGHT THINGS

Stay hydrated! I’ve heard this many years now. I personally don’t drink as much as I should daily and it’s […]

You don’t need a new diet, you need a new LIFESTYLE

Everyone I know who needs to shed some kilos is on a diet. Doesn’t matter what fancy name it has […]

Weight loss tips (2)

The last time I brought some weight loss tips to the table I tried to come up with the easy […]

Lose weight by eating healthy

There are so many ways we can lose weight, I can’t even count them any more. Hundreds of diets, exercising, surgery […]

Schedule your weight loss

Losing weight means dieting and exercising but everything at it’s own pace. Weight loss is a problem that needs to […]

Lose weight by jogging

A good diet and regular exercise are the ways to go to lose weight. It’s actualy best to combine the […]

Weight loss tips

Weight loss these days is quite a bit of a problem. Although everyone already said that and everyone knows it, […]

How i began to lose weight

Since there are many obese people walking around and I think we passed the making fun of them phase (since […]

The Biggest Loser

I pride myself with quite some good taste when it comes to movies and shows and still, there’s one more […]

Raw salad

Since the holidays passed and no matter how many times we say to ourselves “I will watch what I eat […]

6 reasons why you should start losing weight NOW

A lot of people I know struggle with weight. Some are heavier each year, while others have stopped gaining weight. […]

Obesity is NO joke. Time to take action!

When I was a kid we had 2 overweight classmates from a 40 children group. Parents claimed endocrine problems. Weird […]

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