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‘It’s a matter of personal taste’ or how some people can’t handle criticism

A bit about myself: I have started my first site in 2002 (my own domain name, hosting etc. Not blogspot […]

Inbound Marketing: Penguin 2.0, Now a Major Content Marketing Factor

SEOs everywhere over the web are producing post-mortems about ambitious link building strategy which were once the bread-and-butter of successful […]

What I dislike about the webmaster scene

I want to firstly start this off on a positive note before I get into the not so good talk […]

How often do you buy a new phone?

People have gone mad in the past weeks with the new iPhone version release. I know people in my country […]

What to expect from SMS Marketing

Studies show that SMS is the most common way of communication on the planet. It’s cheap, instantaneous and discrete when […]

What to expect as a forum admin

I recently wrote a simple explanation of what to expect out of the forum world to all new people when […]

OUYA – The future of gaming?

Gaming plays a huge part on todays society and nearly every home has a game console in. We all have […]

Learn to listen and appreciate FREE advice

I have worked like a maniac for our brand new ADMIN FORUM. It has started as a pretty small one, […]

The 5 things you need for a successful forum

Creating a forum is no longer a ‘fun only’ activity. Right now, as millions of communities already exist, you need […]

Cloud Storage: ideal for people who travel a lot of just want peace of mind

I had my first PC 10 years ago. It was an old one, given to me as a ‘hand-me-down’. Back […]

Why might SOPA pass? How can I stop it?

SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act, is a bill before the United States House Judiciary Committee that would end […]

How to best manage your emails

I HATE EMAILS! Now, I said it. Years ago I’d be thrilled to get ‘noticed’ and someone to send me […]

The best forum script

One of the most frequent questions any new forum admin would ask is: which forum script should I choose? Which […]

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