The Nature of Existence

04-11-2011 | Gabriel |

The Nature of Existence is a documentary that tries what is the point of everything. Wow, that is a tall order for something that plays on a TV. The fast pace of the film doesn’t make its task any easier but the opinions shared by the protagonists are so compelling that we find ourselves glued to the screen.

How can various people, by nationality, culture and religion, can think that totally opposite things are right?

What is right and what is wrong then? One wife or many? Can one divorce? Can one abort? What is the right thing to do, why are we here on this planet and what would be a good and fulfilled life?

The documentary effort was started by the events on 911 when the film maker realized that what he believed to be the right values (the American values) were seen as the exact opposite of that by another people to the extent that this other people was willing to give their lives to prove that they are right! First he started talking with friends and with some kids asking them about God, afterlife etc. He then started to travel the US and then the world asking what is sin, what is truth and he received a thousand different answers. Some of the most inspired ones are:

Q: What is sin?

A: What eats YOU from the inside!

Q: What is truth?

A: What people fear!

The spectrum of opinions that he gathered is really amazing and fitting them into a one disk documentary is even more so. He has to do it at a very fast pace that at times becomes tiring. But it is well worth it. Just watching the sequences about the “Ultimate Christian Wrestling Ministry”, a church that teaches the values of Christianity through choreographed wrestling is going to make your time seem well worth watching this great documentary.

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