The risk of sex at a young age

12-04-2013 | Dojo |

Being a teenager and hitting puberty are two of the most difficult periods of our lives. We’ve all been there and we’ve all had our head in the clouds and all we could think about was sex.

I presume everyone knows what sex is, no detailed explanation is necessary. The real question is, how soon is too soon to have sexual intercourse? Studies show that the ideal age for starting your sex life should be around the time you become an adult. That means you should wait until you’re at least 19-20 years old, but these are just numbers. Teenagers are usually preoccupied with sex long before they become adults.

What are the risks of starting a sex life at an early age?

If someone tells you sex is not that good or it’s gross and dirty, they are lying. If sex was awful, no one would have it in the first place.

What everyone should tell you is this: if you think you’re mature enough to start a sex life, you should be mature enough to know there are serious risks you will have to take. Sex is not a game! Sex is an activity that involves at least two people, both should be aware there could be serious consequences if things are not taken seriously.

I’ll try to sum up some of the risks that sex involves. Even if you already know them, it doesn’t hurt to refresh your memory a little bit:

1. Diseases
How many teenagers actually go to a doctor before having sex? Since some of you want to start as soon as possible, you might forget that your partner could have a disease that even he/she doesn’t know about. Before having sex for the first time, go see a doctor and make sure everything is OK.

2. Early pregnancy
Are you sure you want a baby at 16? It may not be the case, you could use the condom the right way but what if it breaks? If you are absolutely sure you want to start a sex life, after a visit to the doctor, choose the right contraceptive method for you. The doctor will know what to recommend.

3. Emotional factors
Thousands of teenagers give in the pressure: everyone is doing it, my partner will leave me if we won’t have sex soon, everyone will laugh at me if I wait, etc., etc. You might regret the experience if you give in to all the outside factors. You should have sex because YOU want it, not because of others.

I hope these risks won’t scare people off; the intention was to open the eyes of as many teenagers as possible. Sex is a great experience but it also involves serious risks. Don’t ruin the pleasure of sex by jumping in too early. Plan everything carefully and you should be fine.

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