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24-10-2011 | Dojo |

Here is my background in short: I had worked as a radio DJ for 10 years. The pay was good, but recession made the station close. I was left unemployed. I got a possible job invitation at another radio station for half the wage and double the workload. Not pretty at all.

Aside working in the media, almost 10 years ago I started web design. One site, another one, you learn how to design a layout, code it, in no time you realize you kinda have some skills and experience. And then you work more, you start earning some dollars and consider a possible fulltime job. And still you have that nice radio job, well paid, coleagues, fun. And just develop your tiny web business while still relying heavily on the radio wage.

Well, it’s all gone. The changes in the mass-media industry are not thrilling.  I can work for 200 USD a month or can earn a lot more on my own. I chose to freelance fulltime. It’s been 2 years and I LOVE IT. Here is why:

No more pesky coleagues or bosses.

Well, I can’t say I had a bad relation with any of them, but there were times I didn’t like how someone spoke to me or the fact some used to “backstab” me. Yes, it’s normal at most jobs, even the fun ones as in the radio business.

I don’t have to dress “nicely” every day.

I have to admit I don’t like wearing “fancy” stuff, even if I am a woman and some think I should. I can work in my pijamas or some tshirt/pants “home version” and not have to worry about my clothing.

My car doesn’t need so much fuel.

Having to drive each day to work and fro made my monthly budget lose money on the fuel. Now my car is parked outside and my “trips” in the city are less frequent. Of course, I “feel” the increase in my savings.

I make my schedule, my time is MINE.

I was sick for some days. I didn’t work and recovered. We wanted to visit Berlin, we went. No worries about not getting permission to leave the job, “do I have enough vacation days”, “do I need to cut off my journey to solve some job issues” .. My time is well spent or not, it all depends on me. As a freelancer and web designer I need to work based on deadlines. As long as I respect this, I can decide on how to spend my spare time, what workload to take etc.


All the money I get is mine. Of course there are taxes, but I am the one earning the “bucks”, taking the profits and having to benefit from all.

Freelancing does have its risks. You depend on your clients, you need to work A LOT to succeed, but, with good organization and budgeting you cannot but succeed. For me these last 3 months have been a blast. I do work immensly, I have to keep an eye on my spendings, especially since there’s no more wages to rely on, but it’s the best thing in my life. My social life is better, I can meet my friends, I can offer my clients better meeting hours (since I don’t have a strict schedule), I can go on trips or just take a day off.

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  • July 5, 2013 at 2:35 pm

    These are some of the reasons I love working online also! They are some amazing reasons that really stop you having to go that extra mile for no real gain. I still go the extra mile but that is for my customers to benefit them not to try and benefit my own image by dressing nicely ect.

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