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31-10-2011 | Dojo |

Writing fiction is one of the most used genres in the area of writing. Most, if not all authors have written something that wasn’t real at one point in their lives. It’s the ability to write about anything, anyone, anytime, anywhere. If what you want to write about what doesn’t exist, you create it! There are so many possibilities that it actually becomes a little frustrating because you don’t know where to begin, there are so many ways you could go.

That’s the key from good to great writing though, knowing what to write about and how to project the world you’ve made to your reader.

You’ve seen many books for sale in retailers, wondering how such a poorly written novel even got past the publishers. Yet, this is the case for most authors. They write for themselves, not considering the reader then they get upset because they don’t understand why no one likes their work. Sometimes they consider too much what the reader wants, and they neglect their own wants when putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard.

When writing, you need to think about your reader and yourself. Even though you may like what your writing, doesn’t necessarily mean someone else will. Be realistic, remember, someone else has to like your writing to actually spend money and buy the book. Write well and think about what your audience enjoys to read.

As a writer, you have to consider the generation or audience you are writing for. If you are going to write a story for teenagers, write in a language they understand. If you’re writing for an older group, write for them but don’t stop being you. Bring the reader into your own world, but at the same time let the world they are entering sound familiar. Even though it’s something new, they should recognize the vocabulary they are used to and a style that’s familiar.

To become successful in writing fiction, you don’t need to think out too much what you are going to write. As a writer, if you stop and think about every sentence that you are going to write before you write it, you’ll never get anywhere. Grab the pen or laptop and start writing something. Even if it’s spelled wrong, it looks bad, or if it looks great, you just keep going. Let the story write itself!

Get the main idea of what you want done and let the story unfold. Most of all great works of art, books, sculptures, etc. weren’t very well planned out. The artist felt an urge or had an inspiration and got to work before they lost what they felt. I believe that everyone get’s these fits of greatness all the time, the problem is very few of us act on them. Many successful musicians say that some of their best songs were written quickly and in a moment of inspiration, whether good or bad.

Learn to be yourself when you write. You are a great writer, but maybe you haven’t written much because of fear or you’re over thinking what you want to do. We are the conduit through which creativity flows. Open the valves and just let it flow. Like a baby, let it give birth, develop it, clean it, and watch it grow into an amazing piece of art.

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