Top 3 Ways to Renovate Your Home

11-03-2016 | Dojo |

There are many reasons homeowners choose to renovate their home. Maybe you want to renovate to boost potential market value? It could be you want to make a particular room more practical and functional. Or perhaps you simply fancy a change and want to renovate to improve the home’s overall design?

Whatever your reasons, below you’ll discover the top 3 methods to renovate your home.

1. Changing cosmetics – the budget-friendly way to renovate

If you’re simply looking to change the visual appeal of a room, making basic cosmetic changes will help. These include painting the walls, adding new flooring and perhaps even sanding down your old furniture. Cosmetic changes are not only easy to do, they’re budget-friendly too.

No matter how much you’re looking to spend on the renovations, there’s always a cosmetic change you can make to fit your budget.

2. Renovating the kitchen for maximum profit

If the reason you’re renovating is to gain a return in the way of profit, the kitchen is the one room you will want to focus on. Seen as the hub of any home, everybody wants a nice, welcoming and modern kitchen design.

Fitting brand new worktops and appliances will significantly increase its value. You could also add a few modern touches such as glass splashbacks and spot lighting. Now this is going to be one of the more expensive renovations.

If you need a way to fund it, you could apply for a loan from a reliable lender such as Trusttwo. If you’re looking to sell after making the renovations, a loan isn’t a bad idea as you’ll get back the money pretty quickly and won’t need to worry about getting into debt.

3. Upgrade your bathroom

Another room of the home that’s often overlooked is the bathroom. If you don’t need to switch the position of the bath, toilet or shower, it isn’t going to cost a fortune to renovate.

The bathroom has become not just a functional room, but one to relax in. Therefore, focus on warm, welcoming touches such as a deep, warm colour on the walls, fluffy towels and candles. You can also make larger upgrades such as replacing the shower or upgrading your bath.

There are so many ways to renovate your home. If you’re making larger renovations, a temporary loan could be an excellent way to fund it. Whatever money you have available, there’s always at least one renovation idea to fit it.

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