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17-11-2011 | Adry |

It’s a simple coincidence that i share with you a simple turkey roast recipe. I know Thanksgiving is coming soon (I think this year it’s on the 24th) but even if I’m not from the US or Canada, I still eat turkey!

Let’s see what we need for a juicy turkey roast:

1 turkey (well, of coure..)
some oil (better if you have olive oil)
a small onion
2-3 carrots
2-3 pieces of celery
parsley, thyme, salt and pepper and other spices of your chioce

How to cook the turkey:

1. First of all, treat the turkey like a bigger chicken (much, much bigger but in the end they have the same structure). Assuming you already removed any remaining feathers and the turkey is clean, remove the insides (the interior organs like heart, liver and the others).
No need to act like a sourgeon, you don’t need the organs for this recipe (you can still save them for making a stuffing later, if you like)

2. After the turkey is clean on the inside and outside, rub the interior with salt.

3. Peel the carrots, celery and onion, cut the vegetables in small pieces or keep them as they are (however you prefer) and stuff the turkey.
Try and push them inside as much as you can so they won’t come out.

4. Tie the turkey legs with a string and then tie up the whole turkey so it will “stand still”, so to say, while cooking.

5. Rub the urkey with oil all over and salt it on the outside also. Place chopped parsley, thyme and pepper wherever you can on the turkey.

6. Cook the turkey.
Place it in the oven and cook for 3-4 hours, or until ready.

There you have it, a tasty turkey roast, easy to make and might I add, perfect for dinner with friends and family (assuming one person can’t eat an entire turkey).


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  • http://dojo

    November 18, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    Hmm.. I wouldn’t attempt to cook this yet. I’m still working on small stuff, this can turn into a real disaster with someone as talented as I am. The good thing is I do have 2 dogs, so it wouldn’t go to waste 😀

  • November 18, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    Even a dog wouldn’t eat my first disasters in the kitchen a few years back but little by little I managed to learn how to cook 🙂 You just need to practice and pray people have a hard stomach. I’m just kidding 🙂

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