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01-02-2012 | Adry |

Well, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. Despite the origins of the holiday, almost everyone everywhere celebrates it. Happy couples, old or new couples, people with a special someone have this special ocasion to show their love to one another.

Now, I’m not gonna bore everyone with details about this holiday because we all know what it means. For some it’s a happy ocasion while for others it’s another reason to empty their wallets. It doesn’t need to be this way though. Expensive gifts are not always the best way to say “I love you” so here’s a few tips on how one can save money for Valentine’s Day and still manage to cook up a nice surprise for their significant other. Here are a few ideas:

how to save money for valentine's

1. Flowers.
Instead of buying the most expensive bouquet or the biggest one you find, buy a single flower. The most beautiful one you find of course. One means unique, more mean… well, I don’t have to spell it out for you.

2. Chocolates and a card
I think this is the most classic gift for Valentine’s: the favourite chocolates and a Valentine’s Day card. But that’s overrated. Instead of a card, you can write down your feelings on a simple piece of paper and then apply just a little bit of your perfume on it (don’t bathe the paper, just add a few drops). If you put your love letter in an envelope, the smell will “stay there” and it will make it a lot more special than a card with someone
else’s already printed thoughts. With the chocolates I can’t help, unless you can make your own.

3. Dinner reservations
Instead of going to a restaurant where you’ll spend all of your savings, you could prepare dinner at home. Together, of course, so it’ll be more fun. Light up some candles in the kitchen, pour some wine and begin the cooking. You could cook your favorite meals, bake a Valentine’s cake or even make simple heart-shaped sandwiches. Cook whatever you want, as long as you do it together it will be fun and who knows where it may lead to later?

There are so many ways of showing your love to someone without spending half  your income. These are just alternatives to what we see in movies so if you have other ideas, please share. Surprising your loved one with a nice gesture never gets old so if there’s a way to make someone smile and feel special without being broke the next day I think you can call it a win – win situation and it’s worth taking advantage of.

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