Vitamin E and some beauty secrets

27-10-2011 | Adiana |

Who doesn’t want to look like 50 when he’s 30? Sorry about that, I meant look like 30 when it’s in his 50s ? I know I do.. So I spend most of my free time reading about beauty and trying all sorts of magic potions (Hermione Granger, do you hear me? Any tips and tricks?)  hoping one day to find the holy grail cream (which doesn’t really exist but I like chasing a dream).

In the search of fountain of youth I think I may have found something close to it. Last Friday I was kind of sad and tired and decided to drown my sorrow in a hot bath .. While steaming in there like a broccoli I was thinking that a mud mask will do a nice job to my dull skin. Nothing more to say, grabbed the jar and threw a thick layer on my cleansed face. What followed afterwards is hard to describe in words.. due to the zinc oxide ingredient and opened pores, the mask started to tingle so bad I felt like a crab in a pressure cooker. After spending 10 minutes passed out in the bathtub I decided it’s moment to face the real world and washed the mask off with warm water.

Then the inspiration hit me! What if I applied some liquid vitamin E instead of my normal moisturizer? Didn’t have time to ask myself twice, went downstairs and took vitamin E (coincidence or not, it was in liquid form) from the magic dietary supplement drawer. Applied a few drops and tapped my entire face until it soaked in the skin (it’s a lil bit sticky). Went to bed and waited the morning to see if I became a princess.

Why plain vitamin E ? For its anti-aging properties. Vitamin E is one of the best antioxidants out there. And mainly because it promotes recovery from minor wounds, burns, marks, abrasions. It can be also helpful in the treatment of acne or eczema. And it was recently discovered that vitamin E it has more powerful anti-inflammatory properties than expected, blocking the genes responsible for chronic inflammation.

Of course, there are many cosmetics that contain vitamin E from you could choose from, but unfortunately most of them contain a synthetic form of vitamin E.. it’s not that it’s not ok or useless, but you really want the real stuff on your face (synthetic vitamin E has lower biological activity. If you add that natural vitamin E is 50% more potent than the synthetic version I think it’s pretty much clear who the winner is). How can you know which type are you about to buy ? Simple. Natural vitamin E is labeled as d-alpha tocopherol while the synthetic type is listed as dl-alpha tocopherol

When it comes to vitamin E, a lot o people mistaken think of it as one specific vitamin. Actually, vitamin E it’s made up of two closely related compounds, including 4 tocopherols (alpha, beta, gamma and delta) and 4 tocotrienols (alpha, beta, gamma and delta). So it’s a complex vitamin. Multitasking I might say .

But let me tell you what i had to face with the next morning: a really beautiful complexion. No visible pores (temporary of course.. there isn’t any magic product that makes your pores disappear or else we would all look airbrushed) , no nothing. Fresh, glowy, you name it. It really calmed my skin making it smooth and silky. I really looked as if I slept a whole week dreaming all kind of pretty things. De-stressed if that words would really exist.

I was thrilled about the results. Brilliant combination. Magic. I will probably name it Friday-night-cosmetic-ritual-when-i-am-tired-after-a-hard-work-week. I don’t use this every day just as a “spa” treatment at home once or two weeks. I think applying too often won’t have the same results.The mix of potions used is formed from Mint Julep Mask by Queen Helene and liquid vitamin E from Now Foods (it’s a dietary supplement). Both can be found online at

PS: A interestingly fact is that when it’s job of eradicating free radicals is done, vitamin E becomes a mild free radical itself. This can be fixed by taking vitamin C which restores vitamin E its powers for fighting against “time”

That’s all folks! See ya !


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