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07-12-2012 | Adry |

The last time I brought some weight loss tips to the table I tried to come up with the easy ones. No sodas, no sweets or fast food, no more dip sauce with every meal are easy, trust me.

Since I like to speak from my own experience, here is another set of tips that I find useful. I know every one of us is different, we each have our own metabolism, but in time these weight loss tips should work if you don’t cheat too often 🙂

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1. Enjoy your steaks on the grill
I recently bought an indoor grill. I kept seeing them on supermarket shelves and I thought, heck, why not give it a try. I’m not going to lie to you, you can’t compare it to the “real grill”, grilling outdoors is still much better but indoor grilling is somewhat close. So, if you want to have a healthy steak on your plate, try indoor grilling. No oils, no fats and the best part is, you can clean the grill in less than 5 minutes!

2. Eat more raw vegetables
You know how every weight loss book says you must eat healthy and add more healthy nutrients to your diet? Well, you can easily do this by eating more raw vegetables. Bugs Bunny does it, look how slim he is!Cooking the vegetables (boiling or frying them) is great and all but a lot of those nutrients go to waste when the temperature you’re cooking them exceeds a certain limit. You could try using a slow cooker, but I’m not sure if you’re willing to wait for hours on end for your meals to be ready. What I do is, I add a raw salad with almost every meal. Chop some vegetables and you’re practically done. One of my favorite salads is simply called raw salad, it’s easy to make, healthy and finger licking good.

3. One fruit a day
Ever since I decided I have to make some changes in my diet I set some rules for myself and one of them is eating at least 1 fruit per day. Usually fruits are great in the morning, especially if you’re like me and often skip breakfast. I always have fruit in my fruit bowl. Apples, bananas, tangerines and kiwis are my favorite. I love strawberries a lot too but they spoil quickly so I only buy a few at a time and eat them really fast!

These are some of the main changes I made in my lifestyle. So far everything works great. I don’t feel like I’m going to pop after every meal, I have more energy than before and the best part is, this is not even a diet. These are just some minor changes I chose to stick to. So far everything seems to be going great.

What changes have you made to your lifestyle recently?

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