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03-11-2011 | Adry |

I was looking at this picture yesterday and began to think about this little paradox I always find funny: i study information technology, yet i liked it better before it started to evolve.


It’s fascinating how technology gets better and better, but did we ever stop to think about how it may harm us as human beings?
Of course we did, that was a stupid question.
The correct question would be: what do WE do not to become it’s slave?

I noticed how over the years i began to go out less and stay more indoors, browsing the internet rather than a book, playing computer games rather than hide and seek or whatever kids used to play and talking online instead of interracting for real.
I’m not saying these are bad things, on the contrary, i’m just not sure how much is to much.

Like Dojo said in one of her articles, kids shouldn’t be let to calculate with the help of a pocket calculator but use their brains.
Nowadays we use technology for almost everything, but in my opinion letting it ruin us is wrong.

I too enjoy planting the occasional crops on my farm (i bet we are all familiar with Farmville), but i never let it take to much of my time.

I know not to search for other online games, not to waste my time watching stupid videos or stupid photos for hours. This is the harm i am talking about.

I always try to use technology in my favor. I love it when i find answers to something online or when i can talk to my loved ones whenever i like but also i try not to abuse it because hugging someone for real is not the same as writing a stupid smiley.
It was all fascinating at the begining but little by little we have to see we are not robots and if we stop acting like humans we will only end up hurting ourselves.

To sum up, technology is great. It’s abusing it that makes us become lazy and even boring.
Remember, technology is fun, helpful, interesting and everything you want it to be as long as we don’t let it ruin our social skills.

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  • http://Adiana

    November 3, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    i talk with my sister on messenger.. even though we live in the same house, just different rooms. And i recently started this with my mom too, asking her what’s in for dinner (with her being downstairs in her office)..

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