Winter jogging – safety tips

21-12-2012 | Adry |

Jogging – that awesome activity backed up by advantages only. It’s the best outdoor exercise I can think of but now, being cold an all, I have to admit I would love it if running outside wouldn’t be so dangerous. With the temperatures in December, jogging can be a pain if you don’t prepare accordingly.

With that in mind, jogging in December (or any winter months, really) doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can’t just stop exercising because it’s cold outside. Here are a few tips you can follow in order to not catch a cold. Actually, these tips are more like mandatory precautions so feel free to add yours, if you’d like 😉

winter jogging

1. Don’t overdress.
Don’t ever go jogging when wearing a lot clothes or too thick layers. You’re going to warm up after a few minutes anyway so, if you don’t want to sweat a lot and catch a cold, try not to overdress yourself.

2. Wear a hat, mittens and a scarf.
A lot of your body heat is lost through your head, hands and feet. Well, it’s best to keep that heat “in the system” by protecting your hands with mittens and head with a winter hat. The scarf is also recommended, so you’ll protect your face from the cold.

3. Choose polypropylene clothing.
Polypropylene is a synthetic material used to fabricate certain clothes. It absorbs water rather than repelling it so it’s the perfect choice as your first layer of clothing. It has insulation properties, which is exactly what you need. Just as a curiosity, polypropylene is the lightest fiber of all so that’s another advantage.

4. Make yourself visible
Most of the joggers I see run in the evening or early in the morning, when it’s dark. Always wear a reflective vest or jacket so that you’ll be easily spotted by drivers and by other joggers.

5. Don’t jog when it’s too cold
Well, while winter jogging is possible if you take care of a few aspects, it’s still recommended to take a break if the temperatures are below zero. You can’t risk frostbite or a pulled muscle so, if the thermometer tells you it’s too cold, take a good book and just curl into bed with a cup of tea, no one has to know 😉

These are the most important tips I can think of. Your own safety is important because, after all, you jog for your own health right?

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